The mission

What we are about

Peoples life stories can be very powerful. By telling these stories,  whether they are positive and uplifting, funny and happy or on the not  so good side, they all have a story to tell that will remind the reader  that we all have the same hopes, wishes, dreams and fears…..
By telling the stories that we tell and allowing people to share their  personal stories we know it will provide comfort and healing to many.  once a story is told it has the power to give many people the closure  they can see they are not the only one going through a particular  situation or circumstance. 

No matter your beliefs, we’ll bet that you know that negative words and  actions can destroy. We have all seen the way negativity can affect  someone, whether it be an angry expression, wrong tone and words. It  destroys their self esteem, self confidence and hurt deeply. but a wise  person will come to realize that when you put out positive words,  actions and attitude you can change a persons day, and hopefully give  them a change of focus. instead of them thinking about all the things  they cant change but what they can change in any particular situation. 

 We hope that as you read everyone’s story’s that you will be inspired to  make the commitment to always be spreading joy, cheer and happiness  because when you make someones day, the joy you can feel from that is  amazing.